HJW is an independent installer of the Sealasash Window Renewal System in WA. We can help you restore existing sash windows, repair broken sash windows, and breathe new life into old sash windows. The Sealasash system is sympathetic to the design of older sash windows. This means, you preserve the beauty of the original features of your sash windows.

We Are Experts in Sash Window Restorations

Many older and heritage properties in the Perth metro area have their original sash windows still in place. The problem with these feature windows is that they fall into disrepair, rattle, or let in draughts. Rather than replacing them however, ask HJW Carpentry about the Sealasash Window Renewal System. This system is designed to repair or refurbish your sash windows, seal the draughts, and get them back to perfect working order.

HJW Carpentry is proud to be the only Western Australian provider of the Sealasash Sash Window Restoration System. We can help you with:

  • Draught Sealing
  • Timber Repairs
  • New Hardware and Re-Glazing

Draught Sealing

When you seal out the draughts on your sash windows, you improve the energy efficiency of your property and benefit from lower heating bills. You also minimise what outside noise disturbs you inside, and help prevent dirt, dust and pollen from getting into your home. We install high quality, long lasting draught seals, which are designed to allow windows to slide open and close effortlessly.

Timber Repairs

HJW Carpentry works only with the very best materials to achieve the finest results. We can repair or replace rotted timbers. Our sash window repair replacement services enable you to preserve the wonderful architectural attributes of your wooden sash windows.


Don’t let broken glass put you off repairing your original sash windows. HJW Carpentry can replace hardware and reglaze if required. Contact us for a quote and find out how we can help you refurbish your sash windows in the Western Suburbs of Subiaco, Mount Lawley, Fremantle, Nedlands/Claremont, and elsewhere in the Perth area.

No more nailed shut windows or wedges of cardboard to stop the rattles! Just beautifully restored sash windows that open and close smoothly and efficiently.

We also offer:

  • Full servicing and repair of double hung sash windows
  • We can replace sash cords and weights, and service spiral balances
  • Full re-glazing of windows and installation of smart glass providing you with acoustic and energy benefits.

For the best sash window refurbishment and draught sealing systems available in WA, contact HJW Carpentry for a free quote, which you will receive within 24 hours of your assessment.

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